Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strike a Pose

Kyrahlyn strikes a pose with the Need to Know statue.

One dark and stormy night, a mysterious patron dropped a picture of the bronze sculpture "The Need to Know" (by Hollis Williford) into the book drop of the Bedford Public Library located at 1805 L. Don Dodson Drive. Although staff members from the library searched everywhere trying to find out who wrote "Wouldn't this be a lovely addition to the Bedford Library?" on the back of the picture, the mystery remained unsolved for several months.  Ann Wiegand, the former Library Director, and Suzanne Blackman, another Bedford Library patron, led a group of Bedford Library volunteers in fundraising projects across the city. Finally, over two years after the picture of the sculpture was first deposited in the book drop, the library raised enough funds to purchase the sculpture.

The statue was moved from the L. Don Dodson location to the new Bedford Public Library in January 2011.  It was so heavy it cracked the new sidewalk!