Monday, March 30, 2009

Survey Says!

Thank you to everyone who took time to fill out the library survey. We appreciate the feedback on hours, quality of service, and the collection. The library welcomes your comments and suggestions all year long. For complete survey results click on Library Survey!

Hours of Operation
89.8% surveyed said that the current library hours meet their needs.

How Often Do you Visit the Library?
90% surveyed visit the library at least monthly

The Bedford Public Library is doing a good job of providing for my household's library needs.
53.4% surveyed strongly agreed that the library was meeting their needs.
42.4% surveyed agreed that the library was meeting their needs.

Rate the customer service you receive from the Bedford Public Library staff.

Ability of staff to quickly assist you
73% Excellent
20.8% Good

Friendliness of staff
77% Excellent
16.1% Good

Knowledge of staff
71.4% Excellent
22.1% Good

Overall Grade for the Bedford Public Library
No Opinion--2.2%

Top 5 Requested Items
More Books
Self-Checkout Stations
More DVDs
More Bestseller Books
More Coomputers

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