Thursday, July 24, 2008

BPL Teenspace - A New Teen Hangout

BPL has just launched a new teen hangout called BPL Teenspace. It's a website just for teens - so you won't have to bother with all the rest of the junk on our website that targets kids or adults. This space is just for you.

Movies, Music & More not only links you to information on great movies and music, but there are links to comics, anime, manga and graphic novels sites, game sites and to sites that are fun or just plain silly. The Books section provides reading lists and award-winning titles just for teens.

Homework Help provides some great links - especially useful are the TexShare databases and World Book Online. Eventually you will graduate from high school (at least we hope you do!) so be sure to use the School and Beyond section to learn about college testing, financial aid, choosing a college and getting accepted.

We know it's hard being a teenager so the My Life section provides resources that focus on the challenge of being a teen in today's world. If you want to take an active part in making a difference in your community or in the world then check out the Get Involved section. And look for announcements about Area 51 events and photos from events.

Be sure to hang out in the new BPL Teenspace and invite your friends too. We hope you'll visit and hangout often.

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