Friday, January 25, 2008

♂ §ightings at the Bedford Publiç £ibrary ♀

***Äliens Ünite!!!***

Last weekend, the question "Aliens in America?" was answered with a resounding YES. At approximately 13:00 hours on January the 19th, a slew of extraterrestrial beings came to the first meeting of the making of the newest teen hot spot, Area 51. Area 51 is designed specifically for junior high and high school students who need a place to be themselves. It will be personalized with our own creative touch, a mix of our everyday lives and alien economy. The future Area 51 may include its own computers, bulletins to express what you enjoy and to let you know what's up, polls to vote on, book preferences, renovations, and favorites, as well as crop-circled carpets and "swishy doors."(always a plus!)

But with all the homework being done (*cough*), we all need a way to relax, so Area 51 will be hosting movies, competitions, mini-concerts, and parties throughout the year as a way to show our appreciation for your support. All of our alien visitors agreed that our many ideas were inspiring, but we also know that it will take a lot of effort to get it done. That's why we need your help. If there are any teens out there with ideas on how we could make Area 51 more enjoyable, then plan to attend our next meeting on Saturday, February 23rd at 3:00 pm in the library. Hope to see some new faces soon! AU!!!

- Area 51 Teens :)

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